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Drew Varsity Crew Member

Drew Varsity Crew Member
Drew Varsity Crew Member
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What you need to know

Teams row together when they share the same destination.

What to expect

  • Rowing is a physical sport and as such, you should be in good physical shape in order to participate. Participation will require a high school sports physical and coaches will need to be aware of issues such as allergies, asthma, etc. These conditions do not preclude their participation, but we need to be aware of them in case there is an issue at practice.

  • Rowing requires fuel. Once they really get into the sport, you should expect to see an increase in your appetites. Please make sure that you eat properly.

  • Rowing requires water! Proper hydration is critical. Water, juices, etc. We highly recommend steering clear of energy drinks. Bring water to practice every day!

  • Hands will get blistered, and then develop calluses. Rowers often take great pride in their blisters. Proper hand care includes routine inspection by coaches. Blisters should be lanced near the skin and left to dry. Apply first aid creams as necessary for more open blisters. Take care of your hands!

  • Rowers will get sore muscles. This sport asks you to use muscles groups that haven’t been used or used in this fashion. Soreness is normal, sharp pains are not, seek medical attention as you deem necessary. 

What to wear

  • We suggest the following athletic attire:

    • Shorts should be snug. Not too tight, not overly large. As the weather cools, leggings and sweatpants are fine, so long as they’re not too baggy. Clothing should not restrict freedom of movement.

    • Tops should not be overly large or tight either. Short sleeves, long sleeves, sweatshirts, etc. as the weather dictates. Clothing should not restrict freedom of movement.

    • For Regattas, you will require a Hickory Rowing Club uniform, available through the member portal.

    • Running shoes. They may get wet, muddy, etc. Don’t need to be top of the line but should be comfortable. We don’t run a lot, but we do run.

    • Hats or sunglasses. The canal where we row is aligned east-west. When rowing in the afternoon, the sun is in your face half the time. We don’t recommend fashionable shades as there is always the possibility that they may end up on the bottom of the canal.

    • Sunscreen or insect repellent, depending upon their susceptibility.

HICKORY CREW 2023 - 2024 

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